Fall Class Descriptions  2018/2019:


NEW Students!

Your first Irish Dance class is always FREE, so please reach out with any inquires: JamiesonDance@yahoo.com


Wee Ones [30Minutes]

This class is for the tiniest of dancers-new to Irish Dance!  Students will learn the foundation of Irish Dance: Feet, Body, Timing & while being introduced to the lively music & dance of the Jig & Reel!  We will learn about the different music & movements while jumping, skipping, galloping, clapping our hands & even singing! 


Beginner Classes [45Minutes]

In addition to learning the basics of Irish Dance, students will focus on their core movements, with an emphasis on Feet, Body & Timing.  Dancers will perfect their Reels & Jigs with an introduction to the Slip Jig! 


Hardshoe First Timers Class [1hour]

This class is for students who are excelling with their softshoe skills such as, 3's, 7's, & know their Reel, Jig & Slip Jig!  The class will cover Softshoe & Hardshoe.  While continuing to learn & increase our Softshoe skills & technique, we will learn the basics of hardshoe, learning basics such as trebles, tips, stomps & an introduction to traditional hardshoe dances.  Hardshoes aren't necessary at first, but encouraged!  (Sneakers or tap shoes can be worn as an alternative while learning the basics.) 


Advanced Beginner [1hour]

This class is for students excelling in both Softshoe & understanding basic trebles & tips in Hardshoe & are ready for choreography.  We will cover Softshoe & Hardshoe in this class, learning up to 6 different dances, including Traditional Set pieces.  


Advanced Classes [1Hour]

This class is for students who are dancing at a Novice level or higher.  We will focus on technique, timing, strength & presentation as well as goal setting & positive practices recommended to reach their full potential!  In additional to learning the necessary choreography for upcoming events & growth, we will focus on continuing to grow in all areas consistently.


Adult Irish Dance [1Hour]

Beginner/Intermediate Adult Irish Dance class focuses on feet, body & timing while exploring the lively music & dance of the Reel, Jig & Slip Jig!  In addition to these softshoe dances, we will learn an assortment of Hardshoe dances, both traditional & more contemporary.  We may also on occasion learn some traditional ceili/group dances.  Come jig with us-we have fun!


Private Lessons [45Minutes or 1Hour]      

Complete focus on whatever area your dancer needs attention with.


Unlimited options: Two or more classes a week, does not include private lessons.


Family Discounts available!

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