Class Descriptions:


NEW Students!

Your first Irish Dance class is always FREE, so please reach out with any inquires:


Wee Ones [30minutes]

This class is for the tiniest of dancers-new to Irish Dance!  Students will learn the foundation of Irish Dance: Feet, Body, Timing & while being introduced to the lively music & dance of the Jig & Reel!  We will learn about the different music & movements while jumping, skipping, galloping, clapping our hands & even singing! 


Beginner Classes [45minutes]

In addition to learning the basics of Irish Dance, students will focus on their core movements, with an emphasis on Feet, Body & Timing.  Dancers will perfect their Reels & Jigs with an introduction to the Slip Jig! 


Advanced Beginner [1hour]

This class is for students who are excelling with their softshoe skills, knowing their Reel, Jig & Slip Jig!  The class will cover Softshoe & Hardshoe.  While continuing to learn & increase our Softshoe skills & technique, we will learn hardshoe basics, trebles, tips, stomps & an introduction to traditional hardshoe dances.  Hardshoes aren't necessary at first, but encouraged!  (Sneakers or tap shoes can be worn as an alternative while learning the basics.)  As the class progresses throughout the year, hardshoes will be necessary to effectively participate.  When ready, we will dive into Hardshoe choreography, learning an assortment of traditional dances!

Pre-Novice [1hour] NEW*

Just added! This class is for students who are excelling with their Advanced Beginner material & will begin to prepare for Novice, a rather big jump in the levels where tempo changes occur in both softshoe & hardshoe. This class will best prepare those approaching the transition from Advanced Beginner to Novice.


Advanced Classes [1hour + 15minutes]

This class is for students who are dancing at a Novice level or higher.  We will focus on technique, timing, strength & presentation as well as goal setting & positive practices recommended to reach their full potential!  In additional to learning the necessary choreography for upcoming events & growth, we will focus on continuing to grow in all areas consistently.


Adult Irish Dance [1hour]

Beginner/Intermediate Adult Irish Dance class focuses on feet, body & timing while exploring the lively music & dance of the Reel, Jig & Slip Jig!  In addition to these softshoe dances, we will learn an assortment of Hardshoe dances, both traditional & more contemporary.  We may also on occasion learn some traditional ceili/group dances.  Come jig with us-we have fun!


Private Lessons [45minutes or 1hour]      

Complete focus on whatever area your dancer needs attention with.


Unlimited options: Two or more classes a week, does not include private lessons.