Katie Jamieson

Owner/Director TCRG


Jamieson received her TCRG in the fall of 2014, making her a certified teacher with An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha, Dublin, Ireland.  Leading up to this milestone Jamieson was a highly competitive Irish Dancer having been overseas twelve times for various International Irish Dance Championships as well as competing locally, regionally and nationally.  Jamieson retired from competitive Irish dance as a seven-time World Championships qualifier.  Throughout her competitive years she went on to receive medals at The Great Britain Championships, The All Ireland Championships & The World Irish Dance Championships.  Her most prestigious awards include ranking 12th at the Great Britain Championships in 2009 & 36th at the World Championships in 2010.


Jamieson also had an enjoyable professional career. In 2011 she was invited to Dublin, Ireland where she successfully auditioned for Riverdance.   She went on to tour with The Tartan Terrors, a Celtic Group based out of Toronto, Canada, as their lead Irish Dancer between 2011-2013.  She still joins up occasionally to perform with the group today.  Jamieson currently performs with the Irish Rock group 1916, based in Rochester, NY.  Some of their more renowned performances include The Rochester Fringe Festival, 2015 and The Flogging Molly Cruise, 2016.

Prior to Irish Dancing, Jamieson began her dance journey at age five in Horseheads, NY.  While studying many forms of dance throughout those early years, she has performed in countless shows & attended dance competitions at the local, regional & national level.  In 2008 Jamieson earned her bachelor’s degree in fine arts from SUNY Brockport, where she minored in dance performance, studying ballet & modern.  In addition,  Jamieson is a certified instructor of bootybarre, a dance inspired fitness class blending pilates, dance & yoga.   

Jamieson has taught at a number of locations over the past 18 years & has much experience with choreography and other art forms.  Establishing Jamieson Irish Dance in July of 2016 is one of Katie's proudest moments,  her heart & soul is engulfed in the dance school & the future is bright!  She is ready to share her gifts, knowledge & enthusiasm with the world of dance!


Caitlyn Eberle Brandt

Assistant Teacher

At an early age, Caitlyn’s love for Irish dance and culture was impassioned. A combination of her Irish heritage and robust exposure to Irish tradition growing up in Buffalo, New York, facilitated the lifelong devotion to the sport. Some of her earliest, most joyful memories include an endless amount of Irish Dance & Culture community events & at the young age of eight, she was hooked!

In both solo and team events, Caitlyn refined her skills as a champion dancer and over time, she became a polished, competitive dancer and a leader within her team.  As a soloist & a member of a very determined & dedicated  team Caitlyn had the opportunity to travel regionally, nationally & internationally with great success, often placing among the top!  To this day, she believes there is nothing quite like the connection and camaraderie she experienced while dancing with her team.

Caitlyn retired from dancing when she started her undergraduate career at SUNY Geneseo. There, she received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and pursued this interest at the Master’s level at the University of Rochester. She began working for the University’s Department of Psychiatry and obtained her Master’s degree in Community Mental Health Counseling. Caitlyn currently works as a mental health therapist in the Rochester Regional health system.

She is thrilled to be involved in Irish dancing again after recognizing and subsequently connecting with Katie from the “old days.” Miss Caitlyn currently assists with classes on a regular basis as well as sharing her expert guidance & instruction with team & ceili dances.

Molly Caldwell

Assistant Teacher

image1 (9).jpeg

At just 5 years old, Molly went to see Riverdance at the Syracuse OnCenter in February of 2000 and didn't sit down for the duration of the show, pointing and saying "I want to do that!" By September of 2000, she was enrolled in her first Irish Dance class. She quickly climbed her way up the competition rungs and was a competitive dancer by the age of 8, and dancing as an Open Champion by the age of 13. Molly was honored to have qualified for the World Championships 4 times, and competed twice.

Competing as a soloist & on a Ceili team, she traveled regionally, nationally, and internationally on a regular basis. She believes that being a part of a team at such a young age taught her the necessities of being a team player, something she stands true to, to this day. She even stays in touch with most of her previous teammates, who truly understand the love and devotion to the sport.

Molly retired from Competitive Irish Dancing due to unfortunate injuries, just before graduating high school in 2013. She then went on to earn her Bachelor's degree from Ithaca College in Healthcare Management & Public Health and now works as a Physician Recruiter for Rochester Regional Health.

It warms her heart that Katie has given her the opportunity to get back into the dancing world. (And what a world it is!) For 14 years, it was a sport that stood out, always taking precedent. Molly has never felt the reward that Irish Dancing was able to give her, something she will always cherish and be thankful for.

Kat Fulton

Assistant Teacher


Kat Fulton took up Irish dance as a college freshman in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and danced casually throughout college. After graduating, she danced competitively for four years, competing at the Cumann Rince Náisiúnta regional and national championships as a soloist and team dancer, reaching the Ardghrád level in 2013. After a five-year break--during which she got a master's degree, changed careers, and learned how to be a teacher--Kat returned to dance with Jamieson Irish Dance in 2018. She competed in her first An Coimisiún Oireachtas in the fall of 2018, medaling in the Adult Championship. She is excited for the opportunity to support the younger dancers as a member of the Jamieson teaching staff this year!

In addition to dancing, Kat is a ESOL (English for speakers of other languages) teacher in the Rochester City School District. This year, she returns to middle school to teach beginner 7th and 8th graders at Rochester International Academy, where she also shares her passion for Irish dance with the students through an after-school enrichment program.

Madison Carter

Assistant Teacher


Growing up in Rochester, NY, Madi began Irish Dancing at the age of five, began competing at local Feiseanna by age ten, and was instantly hooked on the competitive side of Irish Dance! After gaining experience, attending many competitions at the local, regional & national level, she made her way through the levels, reaching Open Championship & qualifying for the North American Nationals as a soloist.

Following Madi’s freshman year of college, she chose to retire from competition at The North American Nationals in Montreal, July 2014. While attending SUNY Geneseo for Childhood and Special Education, Madi joined Slainte Irish Dance Club. During her junior & senior years, she served as Vice President & President respectfully.

Madi graduated in May of 2017 and received her first post-graduate position as a Special Education teacher & currently works for the Rochester City School District. After reconnecting with Katie in the fall of 2017, Madi teamed up with Jamieson Irish Dance & currently assists with several classes. She even came out of her retirement for the chance to compete on a Senior Ceili team representing Jamieson at the 2018 Mid-Atlantic Regional Oireachtas. Madi is so grateful for the opportunity to share her passion for Irish Dance with the next generation!

Sydney Trabold

Assistant Teacher


At the age of 11 Sydney began Irish Dancing, she caught on fast and fell in love! At age 15 Sydney took a 3 year pause in her Irish Dance training to pursue sports & other highschool activities. She found herself missing the world of Irish Dance & reentered during her freshman year of college. Upon joining, Sydney instantly felt like part of the Jamieson family! In the fall of 2018 Sydney attended her first Mid-Atlantic Regional Oireachtas competing with a Senior Ceili team as well as medaling in the Senior Traditional Set competition. It was an amazing experience that she hopes to do again! On top of being a competitive Irish Dancer, Sydney currently assists with some younger students at Jamieson & really enjoys aiding in their growth and improvement. She is happy to have the opportunity to work with them!

In December of 2018, Sydney received her Associates in Science-Liberal Arts and Sciences degree from Monroe Community College & will be attending SUNY Brockport in the fall of 2019 majoring in Public Health and Health Education. She plans to continue Irish Dancing with Jamieson alongside her college education.